Update From Administrator – September 17, 2020

September 17, 2020

Thank You for all your continued support during this difficult time. We are doing our best to keep our residents safe and happy.  We continue to follow DPH guidelines for testing our employees and residents. We continue to remain negative.

A few quick points:

  • As you may have heard on the news, nursing homes will begin receiving “Rapid” COVID testing machines from the federal government over the coming weeks. As soon as we receive the machines, have conducted training on them, and have the necessary supplies to conduct the tests – we look forward to putting them to use! More information will follow on this as it becomes available and when we receive our final guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public on the use of the device.
  • Although we are following social distance guidelines, handwashing protocols, hygiene recommendations, and wearing masks in our center – it is still STRONGLY encouraged that all staff and residents receive an annual Influenza Vaccine. While the vaccine is not in the center yet, please consider completing a consent form, in advance to ensure you loved one receives their vaccine.  We will begin vaccinating in October.
  • Ombudsmen from Elder Services of Cape Cod are once again beginning to visit our facility on a weekly basis.   Currently, they conduct these visits outdoors.  The Ombudsman will be available to residents and family every Wednesday beginning at 12:30 pm in our outdoor visiting area.
  • Our hairdresser Theresa has returned! We have some very happy and fabulous looking residents. This will continue for as long our COVID status cooperates.  This service would need to be suspended once again if we have a positive case in the facility be it resident or staff.  The process to arrange for stylist services is the same as it was prior COVID-19.  Please contact Lynn Tozier our receptionist and she will be happy to assist you.
  • We have established a new outdoor activity area utilizing part of our parking lot.  Our activity staff is conducting an outdoor activity daily at 2:00pm, weather permitting.  So far we have had religious services, a ukulele concert and exercise groups.  More entertainment is planned for the remainder of the month.
  • The best news saved for last…..we just received guidance for indoor visitation!   This will begin here at Cape Regency on Monday September 28th.  You will receive a separate email that will outline the guidelines for these visits next week.   Just as with our outdoor visits there are a number of guidelines we need to follow that will require some planning on our part over the next week or so.

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!



Edith Mahoney PT LNHA


September 17, 2020